This little girl wrote a letter to her favourite character, Mickey Mouse, inviting him to visit her. Her mum felt sad as they posted the letter together, as she knew with COVID-19 this wish could not come true. However the letter ended up at Ferndown Florist and the team there made a Mickey Mouse gift and delivered it to her door. Her mum posted a message on Facebook which said;

“Somehow this little letter got to Ferndown florists and they sent this little basket with a mickey mouse balloon and goodies inside and a little note from Mickey Mouse. I cannot say how grateful I am for the kindness that has been shown to our little girl by the postal service (I assume the postman thought to give to a florist) and to the lovely soul at Ferndown Florists who made this for Felicity and kept the magic alive during a difficult time  absolutely blown away! What kindness 🙏 Thank you so much xxxxx”

In these difficult times it is so good to see such kindness. Phil from the Ferndown Florist said “Nicole and Suzi thought it was a lovely thing to do but did not expect the fantastic response on Facebook”.